Overview of RAND Staff

About 1,775 people from 55 countries work at RAND, representing diversity in work experience; academic training; political and ideological outlook; and race, ethnicity, gender, and age. This diversity reinforces RAND's core values of quality and objectivity by promoting creativity, deepening understanding of the practical effects of policy, and ensuring multiple viewpoints and perspectives.

Degrees (Research Staff)

DegreePercentage of Total

* Doctorates include MDs and JDs

Doctorates by Discipline (Research Staff)

DisciplinePercentage of Total
Arts and letters2%
Behavioral sciences6%
Business and law4%
Computer sciences5%
International relations9%
Life sciences5%
Math, operations research, statistics7%
Physical sciences6%
Policy analysis13%
Political sciences7%
Social sciences12%

To provide the comprehensive expertise needed to fully address public policy issues, RAND hires staff from a variety of disciplines. Over 90 percent of the research staff holds advanced degrees, with 53 percent having earned Ph.D.s, M.D.s, or J.D.s.

RAND's unique intellectual environment nurtures objective analysis and innovative solutions to policy and decisionmaking issues, which span a broad range of substantive areas. This environment may uniquely suit your own professional goals and aspirations. For more information on joining RAND, please visit Employment Opportunities.

Locating RAND Staff

Please visit our Contacts page for an overview of RAND's divisions and programs, which lists key staff and administrative contacts.