Alumni Impact Fund

The Alumni Impact Fund (AIF) provides the entire RAND family with an opportunity to help RAND researchers extend the reach of projects with the potential for greater impact. Together, we have raised approximately $1 million during the past nine AIF campaigns.

Collectively, we can strengthen the RAND community and further the impact of RAND's research and analysis. Join us.

Newton's cradle with Earth globes

Why the Impact Fund Matters

Natalie Crawford

“Each of us has a stake in RAND’s legacy. Some have spent many years giving our time and talents to building this organization into the world-class institution it is. So let’s ensure that the world continues to see and use our best work.”

What Is Meant by “Impact” at RAND?

As alumni well know, RAND research and analysis offers enormous benefit to society. But it does no good sitting on a shelf or locked away in an academic journal. We want it to be used to make a positive difference in the lives of current and future generations. That is, we want to have impact. Impact occurs when our research makes a demonstrable difference in

  • the formulation or implementation of public policy
  • the processes and practices that particular organizations, sectors, or society use to address policy problems, and/or
  • the methodology, techniques, and practices that are used to understand or examine a policy problem.