Alumni Impact Fund 2023: Winning Project

The following project has received Alumni Impact Fund support.

Strengthening the Health Care Workforce

Health care staff stacking their hands together in a hospital, photo by PeopleImages/Getty Images

Photo by PeopleImages/Getty Images

The United States faces a significant shortage of health care workers in nursing, primary care, and behavioral health. If current trends persist, these shortages will only increase in the face of an aging U.S. population and with health threats from climate change and emerging pathogens. Securing the health workforce in the United States is a top priority for hospitals, health systems, and policymakers.

With AIF funding, Mahshid Abir will build on RAND work that identified interventions to help address health care workforce shortages in the Commonwealth of Virginia and ongoing work to identify strategies for retention and recruitment of U.S. Army nurses. She will assess the applicability of the RAND findings to other localities and populations, including evaluating strategies for health care workforce retention and recruitment in very urban centers, county and safety net hospitals, and critical access hospitals, and for primary care, nursing, and behavioral health. The impact funding will support a RAND-hosted conference and the publication of both the study results and conference proceedings to help inform national practices and policies for developing the health workforce in the United States.