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Issue 57 February 2013

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Message from the President

Welcome to 2013, to our twenty-first year, and to our revamped, all-digital edition of the Alumni Bulletin. I hope you'll enjoy reading the issue on your monitors, tablets, smartphones, and other devices, and appreciate the many advantages of online communications. Read more »

Natalie Crawford

Trustee Emeritus on Lessons for Safeguarding America

During the Cold War, President Carter's defense secretary, Harold Brown, drew from his former experience as Secretary of the Air Force, as director of Livermore Laboratory, and as director of U.S. Defense Research and Engineering to deter the Soviets. In his new book, Brown, now a trustee emeritus at RAND, reflects on 21st century challenges and ways to keep America safe. Read more »

Star Spangled Security

Exhibit Showcases Faces of Early RAND

A portrait exhibit of formative figures from RAND's history is on display in the library in RAND's Santa Monica office through May. The photos were taken by J. Richard Goldstein ("Goldy"), who retired as RAND's vice president in 1973, and feature RAND staff, visitors, and trustees in the 1950s and 1960s. The photos have been published in Goldy's Portraits: Faces from the Early Years of RAND, by Brent Bradley. Read more »

Faces of Early RAND

Recent Alumni Gathering

Alumnus Kenneth E. Phillips discussed the process of acquiring the Space Shuttle Endeavour for the California Science Center, while giving an overview of Endeavour's particular contributions to the nation's space program. Phillips develops the CSC's programs on aeronautics and space exploration and was a member of RAND's Engineering and Applied Sciences Department for 13 years. Read more »

Ken Phillips Alumni Event

Alumni Spotlight

"The most exciting thing for me is to meet with the researchers, because RAND researchers are so passionate about fact gathering, about analysis, about explaining methodology and why something doesn't work or why they didn't look into it. I love the opportunity to hear them talk about their work and to engage with them." —Susan F. Rice

Learn more about Susan and other RAND alumni in our new feature, Alumni Spotlight. Read more »

Susan Rice

And More…

News and Views »

Including highlights on:

  • Nobel Prize winner Lloyd Shapley
  • USAFA honors Natalie Crawford
  • Jim Thomson honored
  • Barbara Neff's "51-derful" years at RAND
  • Chez Jay gains landmark status
  • Suzy Goulet visits the Endeavour
  • A travelogue by Lynn Anderson

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Politics Aside Weekend 2012 »

RAND's third Politics Aside forum brought together RAND researchers, current and potential supporters of RAND and the Pardee RAND Graduate School, and leaders in a range of fields for a series of nonpartisan discussions on policy challenges in the wake of the recent presidential election.

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