Alumni Networking

Alumni network in NYC

Alumni network over dinner in NYC
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This year, alumni gathered not only at RAND’s offices in Santa Monica and Washington, D.C., but also at smaller alumni events throughout the United States. On June 26, RAND and Pardee RAND Graduate School alumni living and working in New York City got together for a casual evening. It was an opportunity for them to meet new people and catch up with old friends. Michael Dardia, Bernard Dillard, Miriam Lauguesen, Irene Nesbit, Nick Ramphal, Ann Stone, and Sage Newman all represented different jobs and eras at RAND and enjoyed the chance to reminisce on mutual friends and experiences. Naveena Ponnusamy, RAND’s executive director of development, was there to share news about what’s currently happening at the organization. If you are in New York and are interested in being in touch with alumni in the area, email us at

On June 27, a group of Pardee RAND Graduate School alumni had dinner in Berkeley, California. Diana Epstein, Helen Wu, Hugh Levaux, Ben Kim, and Sam Loeb met to talk about their experiences as students and catch up on their current pursuits. Susan Marquis, dean of the graduate school, joined to celebrate the group’s recent accomplishments and let them know about ways they could stay involved with current students. Susan often hosts small gatherings and commented that she always enjoys the energy and excitement of alumni.

Alumni are living all over the world and continue to make an important impact. If you want to find out if there are other alumni in your area looking to connect or you would be interested in serving as a regional volunteer, email us at And make sure you—and your friends who aren’t already in the RAA—update your contact information at so we can invite you to gatherings in your area.