A Legacy Gift from Judy Larson

Judy Larson has left an important legacy at RAND by making an unrestricted gift to RAND’s endowment through her estate. Judy, who passed away in April 2012, designated this gift through a bequest. RAND is pleased to honor her generosity by naming a balcony on the fifth floor of the Santa Monica headquarters campus The Judith A. Larson Balcony. The balcony will be unveiled soon and will feature a plaque honoring Judy.

Judy Larson and friends

Judy and her canine friends

Judy joined RAND in 1985 as a communications analyst for RAND Project AIR FORCE (PAF). When Jim Thomson became RAND’s president and CEO in 1989, Judy joined him in the front office, serving as his executive assistant until 1993.

During her RAND career, she was also a communications analyst for RAND Arroyo Center, leader of the Research Communications Group, and the communications director for PAF. In collaboration with Brent Bradley, she wrote the commemorative books celebrating RAND’s and PAF’s 40th anniversary. A former high school drama teacher, Judy was the creative force behind the musical productions at many farewell and retirement gatherings, most recently the retirement parties for Brent and Jim. She also sang with the Mansfield Chamber Singers, established the RAND Books on Tape club—now renamed in her honor as the Judy Larson Recorded Book Club—and was an active rescuer of animals of all species.

Bonnie Moore, Judy’s friend and a RAND alumnus who is now an attorney, serves as the executor of Judy’s estate. She said that Judy would be honored to know that her contribution will be a part of RAND’s general endowment and will be supporting RAND’s people and ideas in perpetuity. According to Bonnie, ”Judy was proud of RAND’s work and she was proud of the people who are doing and supporting that work. She cared about ensuring that RAND’s research was making the world a better place for our current and future generations.” RAND will host a gathering on the newly named balcony for Judy’s friends and colleagues this spring. If you would like to be notified of the event, please send an email to alumni@rand.org.

The RAND Legacy Society

Though we miss Judy, we are honored to have a lasting reminder of her generous spirit. She is one of many alumni who have made planned gifts, which come in all sizes. Every gift has an impact. Planned gifts offer alumni many ways to support RAND’s mission while gaining immediate tax benefits or potential increased income during their lifetime, depending on the chosen plan. Alumni who make these commitments now can be a part of RAND’s Legacy Society. For more information on gift planning and how your gift can make a difference, email giving@rand.org or call 1.800.757.4618.