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Issue 61 June 2014

RAND Alumni Bulletin

Message from the President

On June 30, the campaign to raise $100,000 from RAND friends and family for our new Alumni Impact Fund will come to an end. We are close to our ambitious goal but need help getting across the finish line. Read more »

Natalie Crawford

Impressions of Iran

"The memories are still vibrant and, occasionally, still puzzling. It was a trip that stood my principal preconceptions completely on their heads," writes Elizabeth Rolph of her recent trip to Iran. Rolph worked at RAND from December 1971 through May 2003. Read more »

Elizabeth Rolph in Iran

Willis Ware: Mr. Privacy

"Many RAND staff driving into the parking garage several years ago may have noticed a white automobile with the license plate, MR PRVCY. Who would have the audacity to call himself, so very publicly, 'Mr. Privacy'?" ask Bob Anderson and Tony Hearn. Read more »

Mr. Privacy

Alumni Spotlight: Angela Hawken

Angela Hawken (PRGS cohort ’98) has made a career of engaging young minds through public policy research. Now an associate professor at Pepperdine University, Angela instills a lifelong love of policy research in her students by working to include them in her fieldwork. Read more »

Angela Hawken

And More…

News and Views »

Including highlights on:

  • Dominic Brewer Named Dean at NYU Steinhardt
  • Arthur Raymond's Posthumous Hall of Fame Induction
  • Honoring Ted Warner
  • RAND Plays Carnegie Hall
  • Pardee RAND Honors Charles Wolf and Andrew Marshall
  • Dedication of the Judith A. Larson Balcony

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