Message from the RAA President

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On June 30, the campaign to raise $100,000 from RAND friends and family for our new Alumni Impact Fund will come to an end. We are close to our ambitious goal but need help getting across the finish line.

If we make it, each and every alumni donor to the Impact Fund will have a vote to decide how this money will be spent: We’ll get to choose a recently completed research project, or projects, from among the excellent work our RAND colleagues are doing right now and find out just how much a boost from alumni like us can help extend the impact of that research out in the world. All too often, projects end when the funding runs out and the client is given their deliverables. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t more follow-on research to pursue or broader audiences into whose hands this work should fall.

We all have a stake in RAND’s legacy. Some of us have spent many, many years giving our time and talent to building this organization into the world-renowned research institution it is. Our newest colleagues will carry that legacy into the future. But it is up to us all to ensure that decisionmakers recognize RAND’s value and rely on RAND to help improve public policy.

That’s what the Alumni Impact Fund is intended to do. It gives all of us a chance to help extend the impact of RAND’s best work. That’s why I give, and that’s why I hope you will too.

So please visit today to make a gift. Any amount is welcome: It’s our cumulative impact that matters most.

Natalie Crawford

Natalie Crawford
RAND Alumni Association