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Issue 64 March 2015

RAND Alumni Bulletin

Message from the President

In this issue of the RAND Alumni Bulletin, we highlight the stories of three different summer associate alumni—participants in a program that is an integral part of our institution. We’re also starting a conversation on our RAA Facebook page to hear from more of you who are summer associate alumni. Tell us your story. Join our conversation. Read more »

Natalie Crawford

Summer Associate Spotlight:

Roger Levien, The Inaugural Associate

In 1956, when RAND was only eight years old, the Summer Associate program did not exist. Roger Levien, then a newly minted graduate of Swarthmore College, moved west for the summer to gain experience in operations research before attending graduate school. Read more »

Roger Levien

Summer Associate Spotlight:

Rajeev Ramchand, The Mentor

Rajeev Ramchand went to grad school knowing that he wanted to work at a think tank. “At the time, I wanted to work in drug policy research, and RAND was the place I wanted to go, so I aggressively pursued the summer associate program.” As a summer associate in 2004, Rajeev looked at racial differences in arrest for marijuana use. In 2006, he returned to RAND as a behavioral scientist. Since then he has mentored five summer associates. Read more »

Rajeev Ramchand

Summer Associate Spotlight:

Bernard Dillard, The Eclectic

Bernard Dillard’s background is a tapestry woven from eclectic experiences. “I don’t want to sing one note,” says Dillard, a professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT); cast member of HBO’s groundbreaking series, The Wire; and former summer associate at RAND. Read more »

Bernard Dillard

Update on Alumni Impact Fund–Winning Projects

Since we last reported to you on the two Alumni Impact Fund–winning projects, much has happened in the policy landscape. With Alumni Impact Funds, Christine Eibner has been able to gauge how King v. Burwell would affect the Affordable Care Act and the millions of people now covered by it. Meanwhile, Lynn Davis and Michael McNerney have published three blogs, participated in a State Department conference call, and presented their findings on Capitol Hill. Read more »

Lynn Davis presents drone research

And More…

News and Views »

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  • Paul Hill Discusses What It Will Take to Fix Public Education
  • 2015 Marks 60 Years at RAND for Charles Wolf, Jr.
  • Raynard Kington Leads Diversity Seminar
  • RAND Band Advances to Semifinals in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Competition
  • Michael Rich Gives Talk at the Commonwealth Club

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