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In this issue of the RAND Alumni Bulletin, we highlight the stories of three different summer associate alumni—participants in a program that is an integral part of our institution. Since its founding in the 1950s, the Graduate Student Summer Associate Program has introduced future policymakers and thinkers to RAND. The program has also given RAND the opportunity to learn from and grow with these emerging researchers and policymakers—to look ahead, and to innovate.

There have been over 1,400 summer associates at RAND, including president and CEO Michael Rich, and current and former trustees Condoleeza Rice, Richard Danzig, and Francis Fukuyama. Here, we share with you the stories of three former summer associates, one of whom was the program’s inaugural member, Roger Levien. We hope these stories highlight for you the variety and versatility demonstrated by RAND’s summer associates, reflective of the diversity of all of our alumni.

And if you were a summer associate yourself, we want to hear from you. We’re starting a conversation on the RAND Alumni Association Facebook page. Tell us your story. Invite your fellow summer associate alumni to do the same. Join our conversation.

Natalie Crawford

Natalie Crawford
RAND Alumni Association