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Issue 65 June 2015

RAND Alumni Bulletin

Message from the President

Earlier this month, RAND launched its second annual Alumni Impact Fund campaign. Last year’s campaign supported an economic analysis of potential changes to the Affordable Care Act; that research was cited last week in the Supreme Court decision to uphold the legality of ACA subsidies in all states. I am proud of RAND's efforts to make a difference.
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Natalie Crawford

Announcing the 2015 Alumni Impact Fund

The Alumni Impact Fund is an opportunity for the entire RAND family to extend the impact of our research and analysis. Energized by the results of last year's Alumni Impact Fund, we hope to match its success. You can read more about the fund and become a contributor at When we reach our goal of $100,000, all contributors will have the chance to vote on which projects to support. Read more »


In Remembrance: Mary Jane Digby

Just as we were preparing to send this issue of the RAND Alumni Bulletin, we learned of the passing of Mary Jane Digby, who served as president of the RAND Alumni Association from 2000 to 2002. In honor of Mary Jane—who worked tirelessly to increase membership, keep alumni connected, and extend the impact of the association—we’re pleased to republish her Message from the President from the Winter 2002 issue. Read more »

Mary Jane Digby

Technology "Then"

A New Email System at RAND

Email, the backbone of much of today's communications, was developed in the 1960s. In the late 1970s Stockton Gaines, Norman Shapiro, and Bruce Borden developed the Unix-based Mail Handler (MH). When we caught up with them about their time at RAND, they marveled at how MH remains relevant, almost 40 years after the initial concept. Read more »

Old PC

Technology "Now"

Twitter for Policy Analysis

Donations to RAND support many important initiatives, among them, the RAND-initiated research (RIR) program. RIR allows RAND staff to take risks and pursue big ideas, yielding benefits for public policy and society. In 2014, one young engineer, Elizabeth Bodine-Baron, received RIR funding for a project that would analyze how ISIS uses Twitter to further its agenda. Read more »


A Look Inside RAND’s Archives with Cara McCormick

Cara McCormick joined RAND three months ago as its first full-time archivist. In sorting through the extensive collection begun by Vivian Arterbery, Cara has made some interesting discoveries — including a series of full-page ads in Scientific American in 1957. Read more »

Scientific American cover

And More…

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  • Anthony McManus Wins Emmy
  • Richard Mason Appears on 500 Questions
  • New Trustees: Gladwell, O'Brien, Johnson, Parsky, and Hagel
  • Jack Riley Offers Grads Advice in the Interest of Justice
  • Chris Harz: From RAND Research Analyst to Published Novelist

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