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Issue 66 September 2015

RAND Alumni Bulletin

Message from the President

Our recent alumni event in Washington, D.C., featured a substantive discussion led by Christine Eibner on U.S. health care policy. I’m always pleased to see old friends and new faces at our gatherings, and always impressed by the researchers who share their work. I hope you’ll enjoy this issue of the newsletter, which is full of names you’ll recognize, as well as some new ones—and that’s the sign of a thriving alumni association. Read more »

Natalie Crawford

From Songwriter to Summer Associate

Morten Bay first came to RAND in October 2014 as a member of the newly launched RANDNext program. Eight months later, he was back at the headquarters campus in Santa Monica as a summer associate. Morten Bay is not your typical RANDite: He was a professional songwriter and then a widely recruited new media strategist in his home country of Denmark before moving to the U.S. to pursue a P.h.D. at UCLA. In this Q&A he tells us about his journey, and what he's working on at RAND. Read more »

Morten Bay

Bruce Hoffman Considers, Does Terrorism Work?

Bruce Hoffman has spent nearly 40 years studying how terrorism affects government policy and decisionmaking. At a recent Policy Circle event, Bruce spoke with Dalia Dassa Kaye, director of the RAND Center for Middle East Public Policy, about what he discovered in the process of researching his book, Anonymous Soldiers: The Struggle for Israel, 1917–1947. Read more »

Bruce Hoffman

Shira Efron Explores a New Role for UAVs

Pardee RAND alum Shira Efron's interest in the Middle East runs deep, but at the Pardee RAND Graduate School, thanks to the generosity of alum Fred Pardee, she was given the opportunity to examine a different, but related, issue: food security in Africa. Her dissertation, which she defended in August 2015, explored how the use of UAVs might aid farmers in keeping pests like the tsetse fly and red-billed quelea bird at bay in sub-Saharan Africa. Read more »

Shira Efron

Donny Wise on Why He Gives

Donny Wise left RAND in 2014 to devote himself full-time to his own education-focused business. But he remains very connected to the organization. When we launched our second Alumni Impact Fund, he was one of the first to donate. "I like to support this type of research: research impacting the lives of people who need it," says Donny. Read more »

Donny Wise

And More…

News and Views »

  • Christine Eibner Talks at D.C. Alumni Event
  • (Table) Tennis, Anyone?
  • Thomas Schelling Discusses Gaming
  • Photos from Summer Reunion in S.M.

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