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Issue 71 March 2017

Alumni Bulletin

Message from the President

Natalie Crawford

It has always been an honor to serve as president of the RAND Alumni Association, an organization that would not exist were it not for the foresight of founding RAA president Milt Weiner. He had the idea to create a means to bring current and former RANDites together. I'm sad to report that we recently learned of Milt's passing. He honored RAND in so many ways and to show our gratitude, we honor his life and contributions in this issue of the Bulletin. Read more »

Remembering First RAA President Milt Weiner

Milton Weiner

Milton (Milt) Weiner, the founding president of the RAND Alumni Association, served as RAA President for seven years, and worked in several research roles from 1953 to 1985. Milt was the driving force behind the creation of the RAA. He worked tirelessly to keep alumni connected—including through the development of the Alumni Bulletin—to deepen their ties to RAND, and to shape an association that would be meaningful to all RANDites. Read more »

A History of the RAA

The first official meeting of the RAA

We're pleased to republish Milt Weiner's message from the Summer 2009 edition of the Alumni Bulletin, in which he recounts the history of the RAND Alumni Association. You can read his own words describing the RAA's founding. Read more »

Alumni Impact Fund Supports Two New Projects

Prescription bottles of opioid tablets and pills, photo by Steve Heap/Fotolia

The votes have been tallied, and two projects have been awarded Alumni Impact Fund support. "What's Driving the Opioid Epidemic—And How Can We Stop It?" will improve understanding of the mechanisms behind the opioid epidemic and inform solutions. "A Toolkit for Countering Violent Extremism" will bring RAND's program evaluation toolkit to community-based organizations to support efforts to counter violent extremism. Read more »

RAND Alumnus Serves as Distinguished Visitor

Alain Enthoven

Renowned economist and RAND alumnus Alain Enthoven was in residence at the Pardee RAND Graduate School in early March. As a distinguished visiting professor, he spent a week at the graduate school meeting with students and participating in a variety of events. He gave a dynamic lecture to students, faculty, and RAND staff on the practice of systems analysis and design. Read more »

Join Us at the RAA Summer Reunion!

RAA sign pictured at the 2015 Summer Reunion

Please save the date, June 21, 2017, for the fourth annual RAA summer reunion in Santa Monica. The evening event is a wonderful opportunity to catch up with old friends, reconnect, and meet new alumni. In addition, a number of recent and forthcoming RAA events have addressed critical issues like tackling antimicrobial resistance and dealing with uncertainty. Read more »

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