Message from the RAA President

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It has always been an honor to serve as president of the RAND Alumni Association, an organization that would not exist were it not for the foresight of founding RAA president Milt Weiner. He had the idea to create a means to bring current and former RANDites together. I’m sad to report that we recently learned of Milt’s passing. He honored RAND in so many ways and to show our gratitude, we honor is life and contributions in this issue of the Bulletin.

As the RAA was formed to help RAND alumni connect, and stay connected, our events are an important vehicle to do so. I’m always pleased to see old friends and new faces at our events, and to hear from our researchers. I hope you will join us at an upcoming event, including our annual summer reunion.

Our support is also instrumental in helping our researchers achieve even more with their research and analysis. We’re so pleased to report that, with the funds raised through the last Alumni Impact Fund campaign, two new AIF projects have been chosen. You can read more about them in this issue.

The strong ties felt among alumni of all eras, which led to the creation of the RAA, endure today. So many of us are proud to be part of RAND’s important history, and I’m proud to build on the foundation that Milt laid for our community. I thank you for your ongoing commitment to the RAA.

Natalie Crawford

Natalie Crawford
RAND Alumni Association