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Issue 72 June 2017

Alumni Bulletin

Message from the President

Natalie Crawford

It was wonderful to welcome many alumni back to RAND last week for our third annual alumni summer reunion in Santa Monica. This homecoming event is a special opportunity to meet our newest RAA members and to share memories with old friends. As we have this chance each year to reconnect and reflect on the importance of RAND, to each of us and to the world, I want to remind you that you can make a difference. Read more below about the projects supported by your gifts to the Alumni Impact Fund. Read more »

NATO Deputy Secretary General Visits RAND

Rose Gottemoeller and Michael Rich

RAND alumnus Rose Gottemoeller, deputy secretary general of NATO, recently visited the Santa Monica office to meet with Michael Rich and RAND researchers. They discussed issues important to NATO, including nuclear deterrence, counterterrorism, security in Ukraine, and defense in the Baltics. Gottemoeller was a social scientist at RAND for more than a decade. Read more »

Alumnus Hosts Launch Event for RAND's San Francisco Bay Area Office

San Francisco, photo by encrier/Getty Images

Alumnus David Lyon, who worked at RAND for 23 years as vice president and corporate officer, hosted an event in May to help launch RAND's new San Francisco Bay Area office. He and his wife, Joan Talbert, welcomed alumni and friends to their home in Palo Alto where Brian Michael Jenkins, senior advisor to the RAND president and an expert on terrorism, spoke about current and future threats in our global landscape. Read more »

RAND's Role in Fighting Antimicrobial Resistance

A gloved hand holding a petri dish containing bacteria spores, photo by AlexRaths / Getty Images

With support from the 2015 Alumni Impact Fund, RAND researchers are contributing evidenced-based ideas to help tackle the threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). At a recent RAA event in Washington, D.C., policy analyst Jirka Taylor discussed the need for a holistic approach to address AMR. He talked about its costs during a conversation moderated by Andrew Hoehn, senior vice president of research and analysis. Listen to the podcast »

Support the 2017 Alumni Impact Fund

A light bulb on a wooden surface, photo by Weerapat Wattanapitchayakul/Fotolia

The 2017 Alumni Impact Fund campaign has launched—and we hope we can count on your support! Our first campaign funded outreach for analysis on armed drones and changes to the Affordable Care Act; the second supported projects on tackling AMR and matching soldiers with civilian jobs; and the 2016 campaign is boosting projects to stem the opioid epidemic and help community organizations counter violent extremism. Read more »

Help Us Preserve RAND's Publications

A cropped image of the cover of RAND's first report, Preliminary Design of an Experimental World-Circling Spaceship, published on May 2, 1946

It's hard to believe, but until very recently RAND did not own a copy of our first report, Preliminary Design of an Experimental World-Circling Spaceship, which was published in 1946 when RAND was still part of Douglas Aircraft Company. Similarly, only one well-worn original copy of A Million Random Digits remains in the RAND library. Read more »

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