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Issue 73 September 2017

Alumni Bulletin

Message from the President

Natalie Crawford

I am delighted to share with you photos from our recent RAA summer reunion. We had alumni from the 1950s through the present join us at this special event. I’m sure you'll recognize some familiar faces in these photos, and I hope you'll be inspired to reach out to RAND friends and stay connected with each other. Read more »

Alumni Celebrate at RAA Summer Reunion

2017 Alumni Summer Reunion in Santa Monica

RAND alumni from every decade from the 1950s to the present gathered in June for the third annual RAND Alumni Association summer reunion. Over Santa Maria barbecue and RAND bingo, colleagues socialized and connected with new friends at RAND's Santa Monica headquarters campus. Read more »

Family of Alumnus Makes Donation to RAND Archives

Victor Jackson

The family of alumnus Victor Jackson, who passed away in April, has made a generous donation to the RAND Archives. Jackson's children donated numerous first edition RAND books from their father's library as well as a trove of historical RAND memorabilia and photographs. These items will be used for research by external scholars writing about RAND's history, in exhibitions, and to convey RAND's heritage to current employees. Read more »

Positive Early Results for Future Workspace Pilot

Desks in the Future Workspace Pilot area in RAND's Washington office

In spring 2016, RAND launched the Future Workspace (FWS) pilot, an initiative that reimagines RAND's traditional office design to better support the way we work today. The aim is to evolve RAND's traditional use of office space to inspire even more collaboration and innovation, while also preserving the ability to execute tasks requiring deep concentration and improving workspace efficiency. The interim evaluation results, presented in March, are largely positive. Read More »

Alumni Impact Fund Update

A light bulb on a wooden surface, photo by Weerapat Wattanapitchayakul/Fotolia

Alumni Impact funding helped RAND extend the impact of a tool it created for the Army to help reduce veteran unemployment. RAND's tool recommends the highest-quality civilian-sector jobs to soldiers, based on the knowledge and skills they acquired during service. This fall, RAND's recommendations will be implemented by the national O*NET Consortium. Read more »

Wanted: RAND Artifacts for Anniversary Exhibit

Blind chess, photo courtesy of the RAND Archives

We’re gathering artifacts from RAND's history for a 70th Anniversary exhibition, and we have some gaps in the collection. Do you have model aircraft, gaming pieces or boards, slide-rules, early calculators, globes, ping pong paddles, golf clubs, badges or IDs? We’re looking for more 3-dimensional displayable items. The items can be loaned for the exhibit if you’d prefer not to part with them. Contact for more details.

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