Alumni Impact Fund Update

A service woman shakes hands with a Pennsylvania State Police officer at a Pennsylvania National Guard Hiring Our Heroes job fair, held in July 2014.

Photo by Tom Cherry / Pennsylvania National Guard

Alumni Impact funding helped RAND extend the impact of a tool it created for the Army to help reduce veteran unemployment. RAND’s tool recommends the highest-quality civilian-sector jobs to soldiers, based on the knowledge and skills they acquired during service. This fall, RAND’s recommendations will be implemented by the national O*NET Consortium, which works in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Labor – Veterans’ Employment and Training Service to help transitioning servicemembers translate their military experience into civilian job skills.

The recommendations will be available to everyone who visits the Department of Labor-sponsored My Next Move for Veterans, a web-based interactive tool that helps veterans learn about their careers options. RAND’s recommendations will also be incorporated into the curriculum of the job search assistance program for separating servicemembers—the Transition Assistance Program (TAP)—that relies on My Next Move.

The AIF campaigns to date include:

  • 2016
    • What’s Driving the Opioid Epidemic—And How Can We Stop it?
    • Toolkit for Countering Violent Extremism
  • 2015
    • Soldiers and Civilian Jobs: Finding the Best Match
    • Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance
  • 2014
    • Changes to the Affordable Care Act
    • Use of Armed Drones

The latest AIF campaign is now under way. Help further the impact of RAND’s research and analysis by making a gift to the AIF today.