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Issue 75 March 2018

Alumni Bulletin

Message from the President

Natalie Crawford

The critical role that RAND research plays in improving the lives of individuals throughout the world has remained unchanged for 70 years. RAND research and analysis is unraveling the phenomenon of “Truth Decay” to address its consequences. Our researchers are on the ground in Puerto Rico supporting efforts to rebuild after Hurricane Maria. With your support for the Alumni Impact Fund, a research team will help shape the policy narrative on accountability in cyberspace. Read more »

Celebrating RAND’s 70 years

RAND 70th Anniversary logo.

May 14, 2018 marks the day when Project RAND separated from Douglas Aircraft Company of Santa Monica and became an independent, nonprofit organization known as the RAND Corporation. The RAND Alumni Association will celebrate RAND's 70th anniversary with special themed activities at the fourth annual RAA summer reunion. Read more »

Combatting “Truth Decay”

Fading American flag in chalk on painted wood, photo by vepar5/Adobe Stock

The line between fact and fiction in American public life is becoming blurred. This has led to political paralysis and the collapse of civil discourse, according to a new RAND report on the phenomenon referred to as “Truth Decay.” In the report, the authors define the phenomenon, map its causes, examine its historical antecedents, and outline a detailed research agenda to generate effective solutions to combat Truth Decay. Read more »

Homeland Security FFRDC Supports Puerto Rico Hurricane Recovery

Members of the Puerto Rico National Guard's A Co. 1-296th Inf. Reg. clear roadways of fallen trees near Utuado, Puerto Rico, on Sept. 9, 2017, in the wake of Hurricane Irma, photo by Puerto Rico National Guard

The Homeland Security Operational Analysis Center (HSOAC) is part of an ongoing initiative to help restore essential services to the people of Puerto Rico in the wake of a 2017 hurricane season that devastated the island. HSOAC is a federally funded research and development center operated by RAND under contract to the Department of Homeland Security. Read More »

Pursuing the Extraordinary—Through Space Exploration

Dr. Mae Jemison delivers the Haskins Lecture on Science Policy on January 23, 2018, photo by Diane Baldwin/RAND Corporation

When it comes to space exploration, what constitutes the “pursuit of the extraordinary?” Is it exploring and colonizing Mars? No, said NASA astronaut Dr. Mae C. Jemison, Mars is not an “audacious” enough goal. We should be pursuing interstellar travel—shooting for another star—said Jemison. Read more »

Leonard D. Schaeffer Endows RAND Medal Awards

Leonard D. Schaeffer

RAND recently received a generous $3 million gift from trustee Leonard D. Schaeffer to help endow the Medal Awards, RAND's highest honor that recognizes employees who have made significant and inspiring contributions to RAND’s mission and priorities. The top award, given annually to two individuals or nominated teams, will be renamed the Leonard Schaeffer Medals in recognition of the gift. Read more »

Cyber Attribution Project Receives AIF Support

A map concept shown with lines linking cities, photo by Victoria / Adobe Stock

More than $110,000 was raised in the 2017 Alumni Impact Fund campaign—funding to help move completed RAND research closer to having impact and making a difference to individuals, communities, and organizations around the world. All donors to the AIF were invited to vote on the project to receive this funding. The votes have been tallied, and “Promoting Accountability in Cyberspace” has been awarded AIF support.
Read more »

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