Message from the RAA President

Natalie Crawford

I think most of us were very happy to leave 2020 behind. While the many challenges we faced last year are not yet resolved, and we remain physically apart, I remain hopeful for what lies ahead.

If you need inspiring examples to build optimism for the future, look no further than the RAND Year in Review. It highlights the ways in which RAND's findings and recommendations are helping to improve the health, security, and prosperity of individuals and communities throughout the world.

In a message from RAND President and CEO Michael Rich, he said: “In 2020, we felt the stakes more acutely amid the unprecedented effects of a global pandemic, vital reckonings on matters of race and equity in all aspects of society, and truth decay. Our mission was urgent: to tackle the right problems, transcend intense partisanship, provide evidence and insight that inform policy debates, and—ultimately—empower leaders to make decisions that improve lives.”

I hope you will reflect on RAND's achievements—the achievements of the entire RAND community—and be proud of all that was accomplished during such a challenging time.

Thank you for supporting our researchers, staying engaged with RAND, and taking care of each other. Stay safe and strong until we can be together in person.

Natalie Crawford

Natalie Crawford
RAND Alumni Association