Inaugural Ellen Hancock Impact Award

Researchers Ryan Brown, Todd Helmus, and Rajeev Ramchand have received the inaugural Ellen Hancock Impact Award for Social and Economic Well-Being for their project “Promoting RAND as a Thought Leader on Violent Extremism.” They will use the funding to extend reach and visibility of the report “Violent Extremism in America.” The project aligns with the “Fostering Resilient and Connected Populations” focus area for RAND Social and Economic Well-Being.

The new impact award was established through a gift from Ellen Hancock, a member of the Social and Economic Policy Advisory Board and former board chair. Like the Zwick Impact Award and the Alumni Impact Fund, the award will help researchers develop new and creative ways to target key stakeholders, raise awareness of timely issues, and make a positive difference in the lives of current and future generations—that is, it helps increase the impact of RAND research findings and recommendations.