New Project Supported by the Alumni Impact Fund

RAND Alumni Impact Fund (AIF) supporters selected "Mitigating the National Security Risks of Truth Decay" as the most recent project to be funded through donations to the AIF.

RAND research for the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services on election security and disinformation found that U.S. domestic problems, including the health care crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic, an economic recession, unrest over racial injustice, and a contentious presidential election may create national security vulnerabilities. The research highlights how the consequences of Truth Decay may present tactical opportunities for foreign adversaries to exploit our domestic tensions.

RAND researchers Marek Posard, Todd Helmus, William Marcellino, and James Marrone will use the funding to widely share recommendations to help prevent foreign adversaries from manipulating U.S. public discourse.

Donations to the AIF help RAND researchers extend the reach of their work and support their efforts to strive toward greater impact through their research and analysis.