Russia's War in Ukraine: Insights from RAND

RAND experts have been drawing on a vast body of relevant research to provide key insights on important issues related to Russia's military; Ukraine's resistance; the many political, diplomatic, and humanitarian implications of the crisis; and more.

RAND held three events in early March focused on the Ukraine-Russia conflict. On March 1, Samuel Charap and Marta Kepe spoke about Russia's strategy against Ukraine and Ukrainian resistance efforts, respectively. On March 4, Alyssa Demus and Stephen Flanagan spoke about Ukraine's information campaign and U.S.-led efforts to improve NATO's posture in Eastern Europe, respectively. On March 8, RAND Arroyo Center's Strategy, Doctrine, and Resources Program hosted a discussion with Scott Boston, who presented his preliminary operational insights about Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

RAND researchers have also published numerous commentaries:

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