Alumni Impact Fund Project Chosen

Alumni Impact Fund supporters selected “Reforming and Rebuilding Ukraine” as the project to fund with donations to the AIF raised in 2022. RAND researchers are using the funding to help decisionmakers prepare and plan for post-war reconstruction in Ukraine.

The researchers will develop a briefing for U.S. and European policymakers, as well as the private sector, to orient decisionmakers to the practical dimensions of Ukraine's reconstruction, its geopolitical salience, and its place in broader U.S. national security interests. They are also working to develop and disseminate a RAND Ukraine Reconstruction Calculator to help policymakers and the public gain a rapid understanding of key reconstruction insights and explore dimensions of the reconstruction challenge, including the trade-offs in focus areas (such as housing, industry, and private-sector support) at different levels of funding and investment.

The AIF helps researchers develop new and creative ways to target key stakeholders; raise awareness of timely issues; and boost the visibility, reach, and influence of completed RAND projects.