Army Fellows Program

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Each year the Army selects a number of majors and lieutenant colonels to work at Arroyo as visiting analysts in the Army Fellows Program. This program affords officers the opportunity to increase their analytical capabilities through participation on Arroyo studies addressing critical policy issues faced by the Army. In turn, their participation enhances Arroyo staff’s understanding of current Army policies. The one-year fellowship is followed by a three-year utilization assignment on a senior-level Army or Joint staff.

This educational function reflects RAND's goal, stated in its 1948 Articles of Incorporation, to "further and promote scientific, educational, and charitable purposes, all for the public welfare and security of the United States of America." RAND’s institutional commitment to education gives Army officers the unique opportunity not only to work side by side with RAND analysts, but also to engage with officers from other military services who are also at RAND participating in visiting analyst programs.

To date, 249 officers have participated in the program. Typically, the Army assigns 9-10 officers each year as fellows to the Arroyo Center.

The Arroyo Center's executive agent coordinates the annual nomination and selection process, which starts in November for the next fiscal year participants. Final selection normally occurs at the beginning of the third quarter of the fiscal year. Selected officers report for duty in July or August to RAND's Santa Monica, CA or Washington, D.C. offices.

Those interested in participating in this program should contact their branch manager or assignments officer NLT 30 SEPT about broadening opportunities in the RAND Arroyo Center fellowship program and the application process. For detailed information about the Fellows program, contact the RAND Arroyo Center's Contracting Officer's Representative at 703-697-6925, DSN 227-6925, Program Analysis and Evaluation Directorate, Office of the G-8, U.S. Army.