Arroyo Center Publications - 2007

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Technical Reports

  • The Knowledge Matrix Approach to Intelligence Fusion 2007

    Christopher G. Pernin, Louis R. Moore, Katherine Comanor

    As the U.S. military transforms to an information-based force, it will need to collect, combine, and utilize intelligence. The process known as fusion will help determine whether this intelligence is used in the most beneficial manner. Fusion is the process of combining pieces of information to produce higher-quality information. This report describes one approach to capturing the fusion process in a constructive simulation.

  • Speaking with a Commonality Language 2007

    Bruce Newsome, Matthew W. Lewis, Thomas Held

    As the U.S. Army becomes increasingly interested in “commonality” — the sharing of common parts across different entities — there is a need for a clearer definition of the concept. Motivated by the reported costs arising from a lack of clear definitions during recent Army acquisition processes and by cases in which unclear definitions have led to significant problems, this report offers a new, more rigorous lexicon and illustrative examples.

Research Briefs


  • Logistics 2007

    Eric Peltz

    Rather than choose between distribution-based and supply-based logistics system designs, the Army, in conjunction with its joint supply-chain partners, should seek optimal, balanced systems that it can adapt quickly to changing conditions.

  • Stockage Determination Made Easy 2007

    Kenneth J. Girardini, Arthur W Lackey, Eric Peltz

    This article explains how the Army has been able to achieve historically high levels of performance in its tactical inventories of repair parts by applying a series of RAND-developed process and algorithm improvements.


Documented Briefings

Annual Reports

  • RAND Arroyo Center Annual Report 2006 2007

    Summarizes some of the work that RAND Arroyo Center's analysts have done in fiscal year 2006 to help the Army meet today's demands while making tomorrow's choices.