RAND Australia's health and healthcare research has been developed through multidisciplinary teams with backgrounds in evaluation and performance management, research evaluation, science policy, international health care, and public health systems and policy.

  • Research Brief

    What Can Be Done About Dementia?

    Policy options to improve dementia long-term care include those that increase public awareness and promote earlier detection, improve access to and quality of services, increase support to family caregivers, and reduce the cost burden.

  • Research Brief

    Understanding the returns from cardiovascular and stroke research

    Project Retrosight analysed 29 case studies of cardiovascular and stroke research in Australia, Canada and the UK, examining the diversity of impact produced by this kind of research and identifying factors associated with various levels of payback.

  • Report

    International Review of Approaches to Funding Intensive Care

    A review of international approaches for funding intensive care shows there is no obvious example of "best practice" or dominant approach used by a majority of hospital systems. Each approach has advantages and disadvantages, particularly in relation to the financial risk involved in providing intensive care.

  • Report

    Regulating Quality and Safety of Health and Social Care

    Many Western countries have health and social care standards but implement and apply these standards in different ways. Different regulatory mechanisms and policy instruments encourage and ensure continuous quality improvement.

  • Report

    Healthcare Interventions Insufficient To Tackle Alcohol-Related Harms

    While some interventions in healthcare settings can be effective in reducing alcohol harms at the individual level, they are unlikely to reduce morbidity and mortality at the aggregate population level, according to a study by RAND for the National Audit Office that examines healthcare interventions in Australia, Canada, the United States, Germany and The Netherlands.

  • Report

    International Comparison of Neonatal Services

    A study commissioned by the UK National Audit Office (NAO) analyses the provision of neonatal services in seven countries: Australia,Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the U.S., Canada, and Sweden. Findings determined that all countries studied use neonatal networks, but with varying levels of formalisation, that low staffing is a problem for UK neonatal services, and that a few international regions are leaders in high-quality neonatal service provision.

Community & Economic Development

RAND Australia's programme of research on community and economic development is growing, and to date has helped decisionmakers at the national and Australasia levels better understand and develop policies related to transportation demand modeling at urban, regional, and national levels and structural energy performance.

  • Report

    Updating Models for Transport Demand in Sydney, Australia

    The Sydney Strategic Travel Model (STM) informs long-term transport planning, policy development and infrastructure assessment across the Greater Sydney area. Additional model estimation work has further improved the commute mode-destination model.

  • Report

    Improving the Energy Performance of Buildings: Learning from Australia and the European Union

    The United States can become more energy efficient and create more "green" jobs by adopting some of the strategies used by Australia and the European Union to rate and disclose the performance of commercial and government-owned buildings.

  • Report

    Enhancement of the Pivot Point Process Used in the Sydney Strategic Travel Model

    In the third of three reports, research findings reveal what to expect for future travel patterns, long term transport planning, policy development, and infrastructure assessment across the Greater Sydney area.

  • Report

    Modelling Transport Demand in Sydney, Australia

    Transport for New South Wales (NSW) operates the Sydney Strategic Travel Model (STM) to inform transport planning, policy development, and infrastructure assessment in Sydney. RAND implemented new travel frequency, mode, and destination model components of the STM; extended the model scope to include toll road choice and better access to trains, and analysed and enhanced the pivoting component of the STM to predict travel patterns.


RAND Australia acknowledges the challenges that the country faces in delivering education that impacts employment and economic growth. We provide research and analysis that informs policy and decisionmaking relating to access to and quality in higher education, curriculum development, and innovation in education.

Defence & National Security

RAND Australia defence research covers a wide range of topics for policy makers in Australia and beyond. The RAND Corporation has long been recognized for its contributions to defence and security policy; RAND Australia advances this tradition with expertise and coverage of key defence issues such as security, international alliances, and submarine engineering and design.