Philanthropic Sector

Foundations and philanthropists the world over have served as the catalysts for some of our most intriguing and compelling work. Throughout the years, RAND has helped foundations and individuals develop a body of objective, data-driven research on the causes and issues that they're passionate about.

Foundations and individuals have also been instrumental in sponsoring research that answers essential questions that might otherwise go unanswered. Many policy debates hinge on 'common sense' assumptions taken as truths. Our research replaces suppositions and hunches with peer-reviewed data, which can fundamentally change the landscape of policy debates. Our research on behalf of philanthropists is held to the rigorous standards expected of RAND—and our reputation for quality, objectivity, and integrity means that our findings are taken seriously around the world.

Questions we've answered for foundations and individuals are as diverse as our clients themselves:

Helping foundations and the philanthropic community foster innovation and change

  • What are the public and private benefits of cultural enrichment programs?
  • How do the environment and pollution affect health care spending?
  • What key elements are necessary for a successful and peaceful Palestinian state?
  • How can we measure the efficacy of—and make improvements to—pilot programs and programs currently underway?
  • In what ways do government policies affect entrepreneurship?

RAND's broad range of expertise and long history of proven results are matched only by our hard-won reputation for quality, objectivity, and integrity. From research and analysis on broad areas where private interests intersect with public policy, to research in specific areas crucial to your business, to predicting trends and the impact of regulatory and policy changes, we can complement your firm's skills and infuse problem-solving capacity with new ideas.