Private Sector

Most RAND work is funded by government clients. Our rigorous research and analysis help the public sector improve policy and decisionmaking. Research fueled by philanthropy complements our government-funded portfolio. Gifts to RAND help us tackle questions that may be too big, complex, or new for government clients to address.

Providing valuable insights where public and private sectors converge

But in some cases, RAND provides valuable strategic advice and operational recommendations to the private sector—particularly where it converges with the public sector.

This work spans a wide range of policy areas. Examples include

RAND Commercial Price List

RAND is able to offer its research capabilities to commercial clients through a variety of contractual vehicles, including our Commercial Business Practice, which operates on a Time & Material basis. For additional information regarding entering into a business relationship with RAND and to request a copy of RAND’s Commercial Price List, please contact RAND’s Office of Contracts & Grants at Serious inquiries only.