Congressional Briefing - December 3, 2007

Pay for Performance:
Will This Policy Intervention Solve the Ills of the United States Healthcare System?

Health Caduceus


Dr. Cheryl Damberg


Monday, December 3, 2007


1:00 P.M. - 2:00 P.M.


304 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, D.C.

About the Program

Pay for Performance (P4P) uses financial incentives to motivate providers to change their behavior to deliver high quality and/or cost-efficient care. P4P has garnered much attention and there are many initiatives – from both Congress and the Administration – that are focused on adopting greater use of P4P.

Despite the activity surrounding P4P, little formal evaluation has been done to understand the impact of these programs. Early evaluations show that:

  • P4P has resulted in some gains in improving health outcomes;
  • But the evidence to date does not indicate that P4P will be a panacea for solving problems in the health care system; however
  • P4P may be a useful tool in concert with other interventions—such as greater use of electronic medical records, public reporting (transparency), and broader payment reform.

RAND has conducted a breath of research addressing P4P, working with both the private and public sector to evaluate P4P programs and understand the merits or drawbacks of P4P. Dr. Cheryl Damberg, Senior Research at RAND and an expert in the field will present findings from this research.

About the Speaker

Cheryl Damberg

Cheryl Damberg, Ph.D., is a Senior Researcher at RAND with 18 years of experience as a health policy analyst and researcher for the government and private industry. Her areas of expertise include pay for performance, quality measurement, patient safety, consumer-directed health plans, and assessing the impact of health care reform initiatives on quality and costs.

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