RAND Supply Chain Policy Center Symposium

Modernizing the U.S. Freight Transportation System for Future Economic Growth

freight transportation


Richard Hillestad
RAND Corporation


Eric Peltz (Moderator)
RAND Corporation

Rick Blasgen
Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals

Charles Eisele
Union Pacific

Janet Kavinoky
U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Randall Mullett


Tuesday, June 9, 2009


11:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.


Room 268 Capitol Visitor Center
North Congressional Meeting Room
Washington, D.C.

About the Program

Advances in logistics and transportation have been key factors in the expansion of the U.S. economy for several decades. Companies have optimized their networks of suppliers to decrease inventory, reduce shipping costs, and better respond to customers' demands. Their strategies, though, have been predicated on increasingly efficient and reliable freight transportation. However, over the long term, the capacity of the freight transportation system to efficiently meet future demands is in question, which could erode these gains. At this symposium, Richard Hillestad will discuss key issues in modernizing the U.S. freight transportation system for future economic growth. He will present recent research findings on the long-term ability of the system to support efficient, resilient supply chains in light of

  • congestion at critical ports and other major urban hubs
  • friction between passenger and freight traffic
  • limited infrastructure investment
  • safety and environmental concerns
  • the significant risk of disruption due to natural disasters or terrorism.

Hillestad will then offer several promising policy and investment alternatives to address identified challenges.

His presentation will be followed by a panel discussion featuring distinguished guests with expertise in freight transportation issues.

Note: Room 268 - North Congressional Meeting Room is located in the new Capitol Visitor Center. Entrance is through the First Street doors across from the Supreme Court. The room is located one floor down and to the left after coming down the escalator. Please allow for extra time when attending events in the Capitol Visitor Center.

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