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In Sandy's Wake, Policy Lessons for the Northeast

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New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut policymakers reeling from Hurricane Sandy can draw on the Gulf region's experience with response and recovery from catastrophic hurricanes. But as they look ahead to ways to prevent such destruction in the future, policymakers from these three states can also look at the measures Louisiana has developed to reduce the risk of storm damage. RAND researchers describe Louisiana's lessons learned in an op-ed for CNN. Despite differences between the two regions, the best course of action is the same for both of them: protect vital assets with engineered solutions when necessary; take advantage of, rather than fight, natural processes; and concede the most vulnerable lands to the rising sea.

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Networking Tools Can Enhance Future Local Disaster Preparedness Planning and Collaboration

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As the Northeast struggles to recover from Hurricane Sandy, a huge coordination effort between the federal government, local government, and community organizations is underway. The efficiency of this coordination is key to a successful and timely recovery. Networking among local response organizations can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of disaster preparedness and response. RAND researchers analyze prototype networking tools that enhance such local networking.

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