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2010 State of the Union address

SOTU Policy Preview

Preparing for the State of the Union (SOTU) address? Below is a preview of topics the President may cover along with helpful links to related RAND analyses, reports, and commentary.

Last week, the Washington Post reported that the President's SOTU will reflect themes laid out in a speech last month in Osawatomie, Kansas.

A few themes that emerged from the Kansas speech were:

Additional topics that the President could cover:

SOTU Topics Drawn from the Kansas Themes:


Financial regulation/oversight of financial sector

Causes of the financial meltdown

  • Another theme of the President's Kansas speech was the roots of the financial meltdown which left countless families underwater or facing foreclosure. RAND's Center for Financial and Economic Decision Making is working to find solutions that can improve the decision making that affects the financial well-being of individuals, families, and nations. RAND is also a co-director of the Financial Literacy Center (FLC) which develops and tests innovative programs to improve financial literacy and financial decision making.

Deficit reduction

  • The President's Kansas speech prominently featured deficit reduction as another theme. RAND helps policy decisionmakers solve problems that often save money: Saving the Government Money briefly summarizes some of these RAND efforts.

RAND Resources for Additional Possible 2012 SOTU Topics:

Defense budget and new security challenges



North Korea

Arab Spring

Health reform/Affordable Care Act


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