Office of Congressional Relations
2010 State of the Union address

Senior Staff SOTU Debrief
from RAND Corporation

Looking for ideas, research, and analysis about upcoming agenda topics covered in last night's State of the Union?

Last night President Obama raised key policy issues that will be debated in the House and Senate in the months to come.

We've assembled a selection of RAND reports, journal articles, commentary, videos, and experts on these SOTU topics that provide you with analysis, insights, and ideas you can use in the months ahead.

With its commitment to objective research and analysis, RAND works to inform debate and provide policymakers with effective options as they work to address the challenges ahead.

Click on the below link for relevant ideas from RAND's objective research and analysis in the areas of:

Please don't hesitate to contact me, Win Boerckel, at (703) 413-1100, ext. 5654 or if you want more, have any questions, or need further information.

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Win Boerckel
Director, Office of Congressional Relations
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