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March 20, 2013

Office of Congressional Relations's Redesign: New Homepage and Navigation Optimization for All Devices

screenshot of the Congressional Relations page on the new RAND website on multiple devices

I'll bet you already know that RAND focuses on challenging long-term public policy issues. As a nonprofit and nonpartisan research institution, we help improve policy and decisionmaking through research and analysis.

What you might not know is that on Monday we released a major redesign of our website which now makes it easier than ever to explore and access our policy insights. It is my pleasure today to introduce you to the new has been reimagined to make high quality research and insights more accessible to Hill staff like you. The new homepage and updated navigation optimize content delivery for your preferred device and place our most timely content at your fingertips. It is also easier than ever to explore our extensive catalog of free online research reports, policy commentary, videos, and briefings. The streamlined content presentation means you'll be able to quickly access critical findings and policy recommendations on the public policy challenges you care about most.

Welcome, and have fun exploring the new site. And remember, if you find something of interest there and want to know more, we here at RAND's Office of Congressional Relations (OCR) can always help arrange a phone call, meeting, or briefing with our analysts for a deeper dive into a particular issue.

Thank you,

RAND Congressional Resources


Andrew Morral giving a briefing, photo by RAND

RAND offers briefings for lawmakers and staff regarding research that is relevant to the legislative agenda. Briefings take place on Capitol Hill and typically include presentations by RAND researchers to groups of 25 or more. All briefings include time for questions and answers. Video and audio recordings are made available online.


Martin Libicki testifying on how to manage crisis and escalation in cyberspace, photo by RAND

RAND experts are available to provide testimony based on objective, analytical research addressing today's most critical national security issues and more.

The RAND Corporation Guide: A Resource for Lawmakers

cover of The RAND Corporation Guide: A Resource for Lawmakers

This guide for lawmakers--on Capitol Hill, in state capitols, and in local jurisdictions--describes how the RAND Corporation communicates RAND work to lawmakers and their staffs, demonstrates how to use RAND's resources, and provides an overview of the breadth of RAND research.

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