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March 9, 2017

Homeland Security

Issues In the 115th Congress

The nonprofit, nonpartisan RAND Corporation has been a trusted, unbiased source for Congressional staff on both sides of the aisle for decades. Our experts have testified and answered questions for staff on a variety of homeland security topics in recent years, including cybersecurity, terrorism, emergency response, Department of Homeland Security management issues, and border security. Below are some examples of expertise that address issues likely to confront Congress in this new session.

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Laura Patton

Laura Patton

Legislative Analyst, Terrorism and Homeland Security


Featured Research


Binary code bursts from phones held by a crowd of people with an overlay of glowing electronic numbers, photo by peterhowell/Getty Images

OP-ED: What is the Adversary Likely to Do with the Clearance Records for 20 Million Americans?

REPORT: A Framework for Exploring Cybersecurity Policy Options

VIDEO AND TESTIMONY: Emerging Cyber Threats and Implications


Militant Islamist fighters wave the ISIS flag atop a tank on the streets of northern Raqqa province, Syria, June 30, 2014, photo by Stringer/Reuters

TESTIMONY: Middle East Turmoil and the Continuing Terrorist Threat – Still No Easy Solutions

REPORT: Examining ISIS Support and Opposition Networks on Twitter 

OP-ED: The Wrong Terrorism Narrative

Immigration and Border Security

Immigration law

REPORT: Understanding the Costs and Benefits of State-Level Immigration Policies

OP-ED: The Forgotten Cornerstone in the Immigration Reform Debate

REPORT: Air National Guard Remotely Piloted Aircraft and Domestic Missions

Emergency Response

Training for ebola response

REPORT: Current and Future Exposure of Infrastructure in the United States to Natural Hazards

REPORT: Identifying Future Disease Hot Spots

OP-ED: Countering Bioterror

Department of Homeland Security Management Reform

Retired General John Kelly arrives to testify before a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee confirmation hearing on his nomination to be Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, January 10, 2017, photo by Joshua Roberts/Reuters

OP-ED: Kelly as DHS Chief Should Focus on Improving Employee Morale

TESTIMONY: Making DHS More Efficient: Industry Recommendations to Improve

RAND Congressional Resources Staff

Jayme Fuglesten
Director, Office of Congressional Relations

Laura Patton
Legislative Analyst

RAND Office of Congressional Relations
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