Letter from Congresswoman Jane Harman

December 12, 2001

Dear Colleague,

The RAND Corporation is offering through its website a compilation of its terrorism-specific research materials as a resource for Members to use in the coming weeks. This package includes research briefs, testimony, report summaries and op-ed articles covering the many policy issues encompassed by terrorism and homeland security.

RAND, which is based in California, and I have worked closely for many years. Since September 11, RAND experts have testified before the Intelligence Subcommittee on Terrorism and Homeland Security and have been helpful in conducting briefings and policy reviews.

The website includes research on the following:

  • Bioterrorism -- the risk and response options
  • Impact of a major attack against agriculture and/or the food chain
  • Use of biometrics (fingerprints, faces, voices) to impede terrorist activities
  • Stress reactions to terrorism and the impact on children
  • Adequacy of state and local technology -- what do they have; what do they need
  • Gilmore Commission interim recommendations on terrorism
  • FAA activities regarding aviation security
  • Foreign policy lessons -- applying coercion to achieve results

In light of the current Congressional mail security process, this valuable resource is being made available on RAND's web site at www.rand.org/congress/terrorism (the username is "congress" and the password is "rand" -- all in lowercase). Limited print copies are available by request through the website.

I hope this resource will be helpful to you.


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Jane Harman