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August 2017

Homeland Security

Catch Up Quick: The Dark Web, Zero Days, ISIS, and More

The nonprofit, nonpartisan RAND Corporation has been a trusted, unbiased source for congressional staff on both sides of the aisle for decades. Our experts have testified and answered questions for staff on a variety of homeland security topics this year, including cybersecurity, terrorism, terrorist financing, and countering violent extremism. Below are some recent examples of expertise you may find helpful.

Keep in mind that our researchers are also available to you. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions, would like to speak to a RAND researcher, or would like a copy of a RAND report.

Laura Patton

Laura Patton

Legislative Analyst, Terrorism and Homeland Security


Featured Research


Binary code on a sunset over water by Eileen Delson La Russo/RAND, adapted from images by Agil_Leonardo, Matejmo, and Byakkaya/Getty Images

REPORT: Behind the Curtain: The Illicit Trade of Firearms, Explosives, and Ammunition on the Dark Web

REPORT: Zero Days, Thousands of Nights: The Life and Times of Zero-Day Vulnerabilities and Their Exploits

OP-ED: Why It's So Hard to Stop a Cyberattack—and Even Harder to Fight Back

REPORT: Stateless Attribution: Toward International Accountability in Cyberspace

Terrorist Financing

Firefighters put out fires at oil wells that were set ablaze by Islamic State militants before they fled the oil-producing region of Qayyara, Iraq, January 28, 2017, photo by Muhammad Hamed/Reuters

OP-ED: ISIS is So Desperate It’s Turning to the Drug Trade

REPORT: The Future of ISIL's Finances

OP-ED: Are Terrorists Using Cryptocurrencies?

REPORT: National Security Implications of Virtual Currency


RAND research on terrorism

OP-ED: Can We Predict Where Terrorists Will Strike Next?

TESTIMONY AND VIDEO: The Terrorist Diaspora: After the Fall of the Caliphate

REPORT: Rolling Back the Islamic State

TESTIMONY: Rebuilding the Base: How Al-Qaida Could Resurge

Countering Violent Extremism

News conference after the attack at Pulse nightclub

OP-ED: Domestic Terrorism: Weighing the Challenges

REPORT: Development and Pilot Test of the RAND Program Toolkit for Countering Violent Extremism

REPORT: Empowering ISIS Opponents on Twitter

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Laura Patton
Legislative Analyst

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