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April 2018

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U.S. Army soldiers in an exercise on Udari Range Complex near Camp Buehring, Kuwait, that better prepares them to certify for future deployments, November 2017

Sgt. David L. Nye/U.S. Army/CC BY 2.0

What Deployment Experience Tells Us

Since 9/11, 2.77 million service members have served on 5.4 million deployments. On average, deployed personnel were under 30 years old; more than half were married, and about half had children at the time of the deployment. That’s according to a new report from RAND. Because average time spent in a single deployment varies across the services, and service members' individual resilience to deployments may vary, deployment experience may need to be managed differently across services and personnel.

Since deployment is not distributed equally across service members (for example, a small group of soldiers possesses nearly half of the deployment experience in the Army), DoD should find additional ways to transfer the knowledge of the most intensely deployed to other service members. It may also be appropriate to focus key resources on the most heavily deployed troops and their families.

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Featured Research


Graphic of digital integrated network technology

Lev/Adobe Stock

Data Thieves: The Motivations of Cyber Threat Actors and Their Use and Monetization of Stolen Data

Lillian Ablon

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National Security Research Division (FFRDC)

A U.S. gunnery officer discusses techniques with Chinese sailors before a joint counter-piracy exercise in the Gulf of Aden, August 24, 2013

MC2 Rob Aylward/U.S. Navy

China's Pursuit of Overseas Security

Timothy R. Heath

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U.S. Army officers on foot in Alaska

David Mattox/U.S. Army

Capping Retired Pay for Senior Field Grade Officers: Force Management, Retention, and Cost Effects

Beth J. Asch et al.

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Georgia's President Georgy Margvelashvili walks after addressing the first session of the newly elected parliament in Kutaisi, Georgia, November 18, 2016

David Mdzinarishvili/Reuters

Getting Out from “In-Between”: Perspectives on the Regional Order in Post-Soviet Europe and Eurasia

Samuel Charap et al.

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Project Air Force (FFRDC)

Russian paratroopers wait to board a helicopter during a military exercise outside the southern city of Stavropol, Russia, October 27, 2015

Eduard Korniyenko/Reuters

Strategic Warning on NATO’s Eastern Flank: Pitfalls, Prospects, and Limits

Mark R. Cozad

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For the first time in Air Force Basic Military Training, Airmen march in integrated Heritage Flights during the Air Force Basic Training Graduation Parade July 17 at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland

Joshua Rodriguez/Joint Base San Antonio

An Assessment of Options for Increasing Gender Integration in Air Force Basic Military Training

Agnes Gereben Schaefer et al.

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F-16 Fighting Falcons from the Pakistan Air Force fly to a joint exercise with the air forces of the United States and its allies, Nevada, July 21, 2010

IT1 Steven Wolff/U.S. Navy

Vector Check: Prospects for U.S. and Pakistan Air Power Engagement

Jonah Blank et al.

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Arroyo Center (FFRDC)

Soldiers participate in a clearance operation exercise in a mock town at the National Training Center, February 18, 2016

Staff Sgt. Alex Manne/U.S. Army

Preparing for Major Challenges to National Security: Arroyo Center 2016-2017

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