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August 2018

National Security

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Soldiers receive a safety and mission brief before a training exercise at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, N.J., June 18, 2018

Master Sgt. Matt Hecht/New Jersey Air National Guard

Improving Force Development Within the Department of Defense

In wargames depicting future hypothetical conflicts against the nation’s most capable adversaries, programmed U.S. forces repeatedly have failed to achieve their primary operational objectives and have suffered heavy losses in doing so. What can the Defense Department and Congress do to ensure the military is capable of succeeding in potential future conflicts?

This RAND paper recommends general principles and specific steps to guide policymakers as they attempt to address the major factors that are responsible for the lagging response to the changing security environment. One aspect of the approach involves creating a mechanism for ensuring that the Defense Department’s assessments of gaps between threats and joint force capabilities are shared with Congress.

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Featured Research

National Security Research Division (FFRDC)

Parris Island, South Carolina, USA - September 23, 2014: Recruits undergo basic training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island in South Carolina

Joel Carillet/iStock

Using the Person-Event Data Environment for Military Personnel Research in the Department of Defense: An Evaluation of Capability and Potential Uses

David Knapp et al.

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Globe on chess board

Tetra Images/Getty Images

An American Way of Political Warfare

Charles T. Cleveland et al.

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Project Air Force (FFRDC)

F-35 Lightning II's from Hill Air Force Base, Utah, fly in formation during a training flight May 2, 2017

Senior Airman Christine Groening/U.S. Air Force

F-35 Block Buy: An Assessment of Potential Savings

James D. Powers et al.

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Air Force Fitness Program

Staff Sgt. Alexx Pons/U.S. Air Force

Evaluating an Operator Physical Fitness Test Prototype for Tactical Air Control Party and Air Liaison Officers: A Preliminary Analysis of Test Implementation

Sean Robson et al.

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A T-6A Texan II is used to train specialized undergraduate pilots at Vance Air Force Base, Okla., April 24, 2018

Tech. Sgt. Erik Cardenas/U.S. Air Force

Understanding Demographic Differences in Undergraduate Pilot Training Attrition

David Schulker et al.

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Arroyo Center (FFRDC)

An officer walking his children to school and daycare on Bike and Walk to School and Work Day at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, May 4, 2016

Joan Vasey/U.S. Army

Assessing the Needs of Soldiers and Their Families at the Garrison Level

Carra S. Sims et al.

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U.S. Army personnel with members of the Special Rescue Unit, Bureau of Fire Protection, National Capital Protection at Camp Aguinaldo, Manila, Philippines

U.S. Army

Assessing, Monitoring, and Evaluating Army Security Cooperation: A Framework for Implementation

Angela O'Mahony et al.

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Staff Sgt. Roger L. Whaley speaks with a candidate at the U.S. Army Recruiting Station in Radcliff, Ky.

Sgt. Carl N. Hudson/U.S. Army

Resources Required to Meet the U.S. Army's Enlisted Recruiting Requirements Under Alternative Recruiting Goals, Conditions, and Eligibility Policies

David Knapp et al.

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New Army recruits

Sgt. Kelly Gary/DVIDS

Prospective Outcome Assessment for Alternative Recruit Selection Policies

Bruce R. Orvis et al.

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