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November 2018

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A U.S. Marine Corps soldier and his family outside their home, photo by DanielBendjy/Getty Images

Photo by DanielBendjy/Getty Images

Enhancing Family Stability During PCS Moves

About one-third of service members experience a permanent change of station (PCS) move every year. These moves are a stressor for military families and are associated with disruptions to family stability. That’s why the Fiscal Year 2017 National Defense Authorization Act required a report on efforts to enhance stability of families going through PCS moves.

RAND conducted the congressionally mandated study on behalf of the Defense Department and completed a more comprehensive review of the impact of PCS moves on family stability. While new programs to address the disruptions generated by PCS moves are not needed, there is room to improve the PCS move process. One way is by increasing the lead time before a move is scheduled so that service members and their families have more time to plan their relocation.

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Featured Research

National Security Research Division (FFRDC)

People attend a march for peace, prosperity, and reunification of Korea near the Arch of Reunification in Pyongyang, North Korea, in this undated photo released September 12, 2018 by the Korean Central News Agency

KCNA via Reuters

Alternative Paths to Korean Unification

Bruce W. Bennett

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Brig. Gen. Mark McAlister recites the oath of office during his promotion ceremony at the Officers' Club

Steve Reeves/U.S. Army

Realigning the Stars: A Methodology for Reviewing Active Component General and Flag Officer Requirements

Lisa M. Harrington et al.

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An MH-60S Knight Hawk helicopter drops off supplies from the dry cargo and ammunition ship USNS Charles Drew

Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Grant G. Grady/U.S. Navy

Naval Operational Supply System: Analysis of Alternatives

Bradley Wilson et al.

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Hull Maintenance Technician Fireman Cherry Brown brazes a piece of metal aboard guided-missile destroyer USS Arleigh Burke

Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Raymond Maddocks/U.S. Navy

An Approach to Life-Cycle Management of Shipboard Equipment

Bradley Martin et al.

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Fifth-grader Catherine Newcome, at the yoke, gets a feel for flying a small plane on a computer simulator during a National Guard Starbase exercise in Martinsburg, W.Va.

Master Sgt. Bob Haskell/U.S. Air Force

DoD STARBASE: Improved Measures for Participation, Outreach, and Impact

Jennie W. Wenger et al.

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U.S., British Army Signal Soldiers exercise technical, tactical interoperability at Stoney Run

William B. King/U.S. Army

The Language of Inform, Influence, and Persuade: Assessment Lexicon and Usage Guide for U.S. European Command Efforts

Christopher Paul et al.

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Arroyo Center (FFRDC)

China with sunset on Earth

harvepino/Adobe Stock

At the Dawn of Belt and Road: China in the Developing World

Andrew Scobell et al.

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U.S. Army Forces Command's Command Sgt. Maj. speaks to soldiers at Ft. Campbell, May 22, 2018

Sgt. Steven Lopez/U.S. Army

The Value of Experience in the Enlisted Force

Jennie W. Wenger et al.

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Naval aircrewman aboard the littoral combat ship USS Freedom shakes hands with Adm. Samuel J. Locklear III, commander of U.S. Pacific Command, Singapore, June 3, 2013

MC1 Cassandra Thompson/U.S. Navy

Pacific Engagement: Forging Tighter Connections Between Tactical Security Cooperation Activities and U.S. Strategic Goals in the Asia-Pacific Region

Stephen Watts et al.

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Civilians and noncommissioned officers participate in the 2017 U.S. Army Research Laboratory Greening Course

Jhi Scott/U.S. Army

Career Paths in the Army Civilian Workforce: Identifying Common Patterns Based on Statistical Clustering

Shanthi Nataraj et al.

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