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Gearing Up for Hurricane Season: How Federal, State, and Local Governments Can Help Build Resilient Communities in the Gulf States

Hurricane Rita 2005

Resilient communities prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural and man-made disasters. RAND has implemented and evaluated community resilience-building activities worldwide and identified opportunities to integrate governments with the non-profit and for-profit sectors in public health and emergency preparedness, infrastructure protection, and development of economic recovery programs.

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Resilient Communities Podcast

RAND's "Resilient Communities" podcast series features RAND research that is relevant to coastal communities that are concerned with water resources, infrastructure planning, rising sea levels, and flooding.

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Two new podcasts are available:

Jordan R. Fischbach

Creating Resilient Coastal Communities

by Jordan R. Fischbach

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Jennifer L. Steele

Remaking a School System in the Wake of Natural Disaster

by Jennifer L. Steele

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RAND Provides Insight into National Flood Insurance Reform Proposals

The House recently voted to extend through June the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), a part of the U. S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Lawmakers are now debating the five-year reauthorization bill (S 1940), the solvency of the program, and reforms that could strengthen the program such as privatization.

RAND has identified key topics for discussion as Congress shapes the new legislation.

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an elevated house

What Are the Financial and Public Health Implications of Prisoner Reentry?

a man getting a medical checkup

Nationally, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is increasing access to health insurance via Medicaid for many low-income individuals just as a large numbers of ex-prisoners--many with significant medical, mental health, and substance abuse problems--are returning to cash-strapped communities in California and elsewhere. For example, in New Orleans, at any given time about 6,600 people in the city are on probation or parole. What does this changing policy landscape mean for public health? How can federal, state, and county governments and providers meet the reentry population's health care, mental health, and substance abuse needs?

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Examining the Potential Impact of Alabama's Immigration Law

Montgomery, Alabama Capitol building

As federal and state governments evaluate policies related to legal and illegal immigration, they may look to the effects of Alabama HB 56, the Hammon-Beason Alabama Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act signed into law in June 2011. As the strictest anti-illegal immigration law in the United States, the law raises enforcement challenges for police, schools, and other public service organizations.

RAND has conducted significant research on both legal and illegal immigration.

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The RAND Gulf States Policy Institute was created in 2005 to support hurricane recovery and long-term economic development in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Today, RAND Gulf States provides objective analysis to federal, state, and local leaders in support of evidence-based policymaking and the well-being of individuals throughout the Gulf States region. Access to all RAND Gulf States research is available at www.rand.org/gulf-states.html.

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