Research Centers

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    Workers and the Workplace

    RAND Lowy Family Middle-Class Pathways Center

    The RAND Lowy Family Middle-Class Pathways Center (MCPC) is committed to forging new and better paths toward sustainable work opportunities for all Americans. RAND researchers are designing, piloting, and evaluating interventions focused on skill pathways, entrepreneurship, and workplace technology.

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    Behavioral Finance (BeFi) Forum Promotes Research on Consumer Behavior

    The RAND Behavioral Finance (BeFi) Forum is a collective of academic, financial, and government leaders who meet regularly in person and via web seminars to foster cutting-edge behavioral research for practical application. BeFi's mission is to help consumers make better financial decisions.

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    Center for Financial and Economic Decision Making Studies Human Behavior

    Ongoing research at the Center for Financial and Economic Decision Making (CFED) addresses the process of financial decision making over the life-cycle, in particular assessing how people collect information; how they think about risks, and probabilities; and how well they match their decisions to their preferences and interests.

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    People with Disabilities

    RAND Center for Disability Research

    The RAND Center for Disability Research aims to better understand the social and economic causes and consequences of disability. Research themes include examining the roles of employers, health-care markets, knowledge networks, and social insurance programs.

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    Social and Emotional Learning

    RAND Center for Social and Emotional Learning Research

    Research has demonstrated the benefits of social and emotional learning (SEL) programs and practices that can promote students’ interpersonal and intrapersonal competencies such as social awareness and self-regulation. RAND researchers are generating evidence-based guidance to improve SEL policies, practices, and assessments.