RAND Behavioral Finance Forum 2019

The RAND Behavioral Finance (BeFi) Forum brings together academic, financial, and government leaders to share innovative behavioral research in financial decisionmaking and related topics through an annual conference.

The 2019 forum took place in Washington, D.C. on October 3, 2019.

Event Details and Presentations

BeFi Forum speaker presentations are not RAND research products and have not undergone RAND’s research QA process. They are made available here for convenient access. Questions or feedback regarding individual presentations can be directed to the speakers listed below.

Keynote Presenation

  • Mediating Investor Attention
    • Terrance Odean, Professor of Finance and The Rudd Family Foundation Chair, Haas School of Business, U.C. Berkeley
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Session 1: Consumer Credit Behavior

  • The Semblance of Success in Nudging Consumers to Pay Down Credit Card Debt
  • The Financial Impact of Dementia: Evidence from Credit Report Data
  • Discussant: Philip Armour, RAND Corporation
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Session 2: Information and Advice

  • Encouraging Broker and Adviser Background Checks: A Randomized Study on Twitter
    • Jeremy Ko, Securities and Exchange Commission
  • How Do Humans Interact with Algorithms? Experimental Evidence from Health Insurance
  • Discussant: Drew Anderson, RAND Corporation
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Lunch Innovation Session

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Session 3: Retirement Savings in 401(k) Plans

  • From Nest Egg to Seed Capital: Empirical Evidence from ROBS Plans
  • Target Date Funds and Portfolio Choice in 401(k) Plans
  • Serenity Now, Save Later? Evidence on Savings Puzzles from a 401(k) Field Experiment
  • Discussant: Gary Koenig, AARP
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Session 4: Investor Behavior

  • Trust, Financial Literacy and Financial Market Participation
  • Heterogeneous Responses to Interest Rate Price Disclosures
  • Talking About the Weather: Understanding Household Demand for Green Investment
  • Discussant: Jeremy Burke, USC
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Session 5: Jobs and Precautionary Savings

  • Working Under Pressure: Improving Labor Productivity through Financial Innovation
  • Job Loss Expectations, Durable Consumption and Household Finances: Evidence from Linked Survey Data
  • Discussant: Catherine Harvey, AARP
  • Closing: Katherine Carman, RAND Corporation
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