Featured Projects

  • Education Policy

    American Instructional Resources Survey

    Through the American Instructional Resources Survey (AIRS), RAND is investigating the use of instructional materials in K–12 English language arts, mathematics, and science classrooms across the United States.

  • Mathematics

    American Mathematics Educator Study

    RAND’s American Mathematics Educator Study (AMES) is investigating students’ access to high-quality mathematics learning opportunities and resources teachers have to teach mathematics from elementary through high school and pathways to college and career.

  • Employment and Unemployment

    American Working Conditions Survey

    How do Americans perceive their workplace? RAND's American Working Conditions Survey shows workers find their jobs physically demanding, hazardous, and hectic—but also social and supportive, and many retirees would prefer to return to work.

  • STEM Education

    The Appalachia Partnership Initiative

    The Appalachia Partnership Initiative seeks to build sustainable STEM education and technical training programs in the Greater Pittsburgh area, ultimately helping to develop a skilled workforce ready for careers in energy and manufacturing.

  • Education Curriculum

    Coherent Instructional Systems

    Coherence in messaging is key when it comes to giving all students opportunities to master standards and experience academic success. To support student success, schools, districts, and states can intentionally design coherent instructional systems. RAND researchers have been studying these systems.

  • International Education

    Global Education Systems

    Through a five-year embedded evaluation of the BHP Foundation’s Education Equity program, RAND researchers are seeking to better understand BHP Foundation-funded efforts to enhance global educational delivery.

  • STEM Education

    Improving STEM Pathways in Louisiana Through Micro-credentials

    The Louisiana STEM micro-credential project was created to develop and study a set of micro-credentials intended to help teachers apply their STEM training to the classes they teach. RAND is conducting an independent, innovative, and mixed-method study as part of this project.

  • Teacher Effectiveness

    Measuring Teacher Effectiveness

    Research suggests that, among school-related factors, teachers matter most to students' academic performance. What's less clear is how to measure an individual teacher's effectiveness. RAND's reports, fact sheets, blog posts, and research briefs provide clarity on this important issue.

  • Academic Achievement

    National Summer Learning Project

    RAND's research on summer learning is commissioned by the Wallace Foundation as part of its More Time for Learning initiative. One objective of this initiative is to promote high-quality summer learning programs across the country for low-achieving students.

  • Racial Equity

    Investigating the U.S. Racial Wealth Gap

    The gap in wealth between Black and white Americans is a product of historical realities that continue to shape economic outcomes. Policy interventions to address current wealth disparities must understand the long-standing inequities that contributed to them.

  • Criminal Justice

    Resetting the Record: The Facts on Hiring People With Criminal Histories

    RAND researchers are building a portfolio of research that addresses a major challenge for policymakers, employers, and citizens: how to connect more people who have criminal convictions to job opportunities.

  • Social and Emotional Learning

    Research on the Partnerships for Social and Emotional Learning Initiative

    RAND is conducting research on The Wallace Foundation’s Partnerships for Social and Emotional Learning Initiative (PSELI), which explores whether and how students will benefit if adults in schools and out-of-school time (OST) programs work together to align and improve experiences and climate to foster social and emotional learning.

  • Education Policy

    Studying Louisiana State Education Policies

    Louisiana has launched one of the most ambitious efforts to improve public schooling in the nation. RAND researchers funded by the Baton Rouge Area Foundation closely studied Louisiana's education policies over the past several years through policy documentation, and interviews with state policymakers and educators.

  • Education Policy

    The State of the American Teacher and the American Principal

    To better understand the state of educator well-being, RAND has launched two projects to leverage nationally representative surveys of K–12 public school teachers and principals, to gather information on educators’ working conditions and job-related stressors.

Additional Projects