Evidence You Can Trust

Enthusiastic teacher with class of teenage students, photo by highwaystarz/Adobe Stock

Photo by highwaystarz/Adobe Stock

The American Educator Panels give voice to teachers and school leaders, providing policymakers, practitioners, and the public with accurate information about educators’ knowledge, attitudes, practices, and working conditions.

AEP Features

  • High-quality data from scientifically drawn, probability-based samples of teachers and principals
  • Ability to track educator-level trends using a longitudinal panel
  • Capacity to produce state-level estimates for teachers in 20+ states
  • Programming and statistical support, including provision of weighted data files
  • Access to RAND content experts for consultation on item development
  • Opportunity to collaborate with RAND project teams
  • Option to employ innovative item types and administration methods (e.g., videos, app-based administration)
  • Opportunity to develop best practices (e.g., recruitment experiments) via a research-based approach
  • Access to data-visualization tools
  • Opportunity to access and share data with the broader research community