American Educator Panels Scholarship

The American Educator Panels (AEP) Scholarship was established to promote AEP data use among a diverse group of scholars. In 2020–2021, RAND awarded scholarships to 20 graduate students and early-career researchers from underrepresented groups (e.g., Black or African American, Latinx, or American Indian students; first-generation college students) and from under-resourced institutions who may otherwise not have been able to access and analyze AEP data.

Meet the 2020–21 AEP Scholarship Cohort

AEP Scholarship Details

Scholarship Award


Application Deadline

The last application deadline was November 16, 2020. Future rounds may be opened pending availability.

Who Should Apply?

Early-career scholars, current graduate students enrolled in a doctoral, professional, or master’s degree programs at U.S.-based colleges or universities, or people awarded one of these degrees within seven years who also fit at least one of the following criteria:

  • From underrepresented groups in higher education (e.g., Black or African American, Latinx, or American Indian students; first-generation college students)
  • From under-resourced institutions that may be unable to provide the support needed to access and analyze the data
  • From minority-serving institutions

Please note: If you are not a U.S. citizen, you must be on a student visa in order to receive this scholarship.

Scholarship Recipient Responsibilities

  • Recipients must provide evidence of their organization’s IRB approval in order to conduct research with AEP data.
  • Recipients must complete a Data User Agreement before receiving the data.
  • Recipients will engage in multiple activities throughout the year of award to ensure progress and success. At a minimum, recipients will attend a virtual orientation, submit a research plan for their project, attend virtual check-in meetings with RAND, and present their research at a virtual final convening of scholarship recipients.

Award Selection and Payment 

RAND will review applications to determine eligibility and completeness. A group of RAND education researchers and AEP team members will review qualifying applications to select recipients. All applicants will receive email notice of their application status.