Research Methods

The RAND American Educator Panels (AEP) are online survey research panels composed of the American Teacher Panel (ATP) and the American School Leader Panel (ASLP). The panels are nationally representative of K–12 public school teachers and principals. The teacher panel includes oversamples of many states (about 25) to produce estimates at the state level.

Creating the Panels

Members of the ATP and ASLP were recruited to join the panels using probability-based sampling methods. The AEP sample design allows for the generation of nationally representative estimates (teachers and school leaders) and state-level estimates for oversampled states (teachers). The sampling methods used to recruit teachers and school leaders to join the panels have evolved over time and details of the recruitment procedures are documented in this report:

Sampling for AEP-Based Studies

Panelists are selected to participate in AEP studies depending on the specific needs of the study. Frequently panelists are selected to create nationally representative samples of teachers and/or principals. The size of the panels allow targeting of teachers and/or principals to generate representative samples by, for example, grade band (e.g., K–5 or 6–12), subjects taught, or some combination. The sampling and weighting details for studies completed with the AEP are documented in a technical report accompanying each study. More expansive technical reports that include the weighted frequency distributions for most survey items were created for the Learn Together Survey (LTS) and the American Instructional Resources Survey (AIRS).