Research Methods

The RAND American Educator Panels (AEP) are online survey research panels comprised of the American Teacher Panel (ATP) and the American School Leader Panel (ASLP). The panels are nationally representative of K-12 public school teachers and principals. The panels include oversamples of many states (about 25) to produce estimates at the state-level. Members of the ATP and ASLP were recruited to join the panels using probability-based sampling methods. The sampling methods used to select teachers and school leaders have evolved over time and details of the recruitment procedures are documented in the attached reports.

Most ATP members were randomly selected from a comprehensive list of teachers at the state level, sent an invitation letter by Federal Express, and directed to an online portal to enroll in the panel. As there are far fewer school leaders than teachers, most ASLP members were census-sampled (all selected) within medium and small-sized states and randomly sampled within large states or at the national level. The AEP sampling design allows generation of nationally representative estimates and state-level estimates for oversampled states.