The Fall AEP Omnibus 2020 Surveys

American Educator Panels

In fall 2020, the RAND American Educator Panels will field the Fall AEP Omnibus 2020 surveys to nationally representative samples of teachers and school leaders. Data collection will end mid-October. Organizations can add up to 10 questions to this omnibus survey at a reduced cost of $2,000 per question. This price covers survey development, programming, and administration (including an incentive payment to respondents), tracking of responses, reminder emails, and the production of a clean, weighted data file.

Launched in 2014, the RAND American Educator Panels (AEP) are nationally representative, probability-based panels of teachers and principals who participate in online surveys. The American Teacher Panel (ATP) consists of more than 25,000 public school teachers and the American School Leader Panel (ASLP) consists of more than 5,000 school principals. Researchers can field their own questionnaires and run experiments with the AEP to produce quick, reliable, high-quality survey data.

Why Use the AEP Omnibus 2020?

  • Get high-quality data quickly while sharing costs with other researchers.
  • Collect pilot data for your new proposal idea.


  • The Fall AEP Omnibus 2020 is available to both RAND and non-RAND researchers.
  • The Fall AEP Omnibus 2020 will produce 1,500 completed responses from teachers and 1,500 from principals, both from national samples of K–12 AEP members (not a population-specific sample).
  • Field up to 10 simple questions (limited skips, no open-ended answers, no fills/piping or links to other surveys or external sources, etc.).
  • Researchers will only have access to data for the questions they field along with some basic demographic information. Final datasets will be weighted.
  • Omnibus survey data will be embargoed for 1 year before being added to the public-use AEP data portal.
  • AEP staff are available to assist with question development to help you get the data you need.

Estimated Timeline

July 17, 2020 First draft of proposed question(s) due to AEP team for review
July 31, 2020 Final questions and signed order form or Internal Work Agreement (RAND staff) due
Sept. 21, 2020 Omnibus survey is fielded
Nov. 20, 2020 Researcher receives final data collection results


$2,000 for each simple question per questionnaire.

To get your questions on the Fall AEP Omnibus 2020 survey for your next research study, email

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