Children's Worry Management Scales (CWMS)

General Information on the Measure
Purpose of the measure

The Children's Worry Management Scale (CWMS) is designed to understand how children manage anxiety and worry.

Main constructs measured

Intrapersonal competencies

Applicable grade levels

Elementary school students

Publication year for the most recent version

No information is available in the references reviewed.

Year originally developed


Related measures
Measure Administration


Method of administration


Number of items


Item format

Three-point Likert-type scale

Administration time

No information is available in the references reviewed.

Available languages


Fee for use Access may be limited or unavailable
Credentials required for administration


Overall score reporting

No subscores are reported.

Subscore reporting

There are three subscores:

  • Inhibition
  • Dysregulation
  • Coping
Scoring procedures

The measure is self-scored.

Interpretive information

No information is available in the references reviewed.

Evidence of Technical Quality
Populations for which technical quality evidence has been collected

Children ages 6-12 recruited from elementary schools in a small, urban area (N=214).

Reliability evidence

Internal consistency (alpha) ranged from 0.69 to 0.74 for the three subscales (Zeman et al., 2001).

Validity evidence
Evidence based on content
Items were pilot tested with a small group of students (N=20) to ensure that response options were clear and understandable (Zeman et al., 2001).
Evidence based on response processes
No information is available in the references reviewed.
Evidence based on internal structure
Principal components analysis was used to substantiate three different factors (Zeman et al., 2001).
Evidence based on relations with other variables
Correlations were in the anticipated directions with other measures of emotion management and behavior (Zeman et al., 2001).
Locating the Measure
Obtaining a copy of the measure

Zeman, J. L., Cassano, M., Suveg, C., & Shipman, K. , "Initial validation of the children's worry management scale," Journal of Child and Family Studies, Vol. 19, No. 4, 2010, pp. 381–392.


The CAMS, CWMS, and CSMS are sometimes collectively referred to as the Children's Emotion Management Scales (CEMS).

Measure summary updated October 3, 2018.