EDUCATE INSIGHT Reasoning Skills Grades K-2

General Information on the Measure
Purpose of the measure

EDUCATE INSIGHT Reasoning Skills Grades K-2 assesses elementary school children's critical thinking skills, including the ability to solve problems and make decisions.

Main constructs measured

Cognitive competencies

Applicable grade levels

Grades K-2

Publication year for the most recent version


Year originally developed


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Measure Administration


Method of administration

Paper/Pencil, Digital

Number of items


Item format

Multiple choice

Administration time

45 minutes

Available languages


Fee for use Fee charged by developer
Credentials required for administration

Authorized school district representative or researcher.

Overall score reporting

The overall score is reported.

Subscore reporting

There are five subscores:

  • Analysis
  • Evaluation
  • Inference
  • Explanation
  • Categorization
Scoring procedures

Scoring services are available from the assessment developers.

Interpretive information

No information is available in the references reviewed.

Evidence of Technical Quality
Populations for which technical quality evidence has been collected

Items/scales were piloted in target samples and validated in replicated studies (e.g., children at every K-12 grade level).

Reliability evidence

Internal consistency estimates (Kuder-Richardson Formula 20) are greater than 0.70 (personal correspondence).

Validity evidence
Evidence based on content
No information is available in the references reviewed.
Evidence based on response processes
No information is available in the references reviewed.
Locating the Measure
Obtaining a copy of the measure

"Critical Thinking: A Statement of Expert Consensus for Purposes of Educational Assessment and Instruction ("The Delphi Report")," The American Philosophical Association, ERIC Doc. No. ED, 1990, pp. 315–423.


The specified domain is critical thinking as defined by an APA Delphi study [see Reference above], a construct that integrates cognitive maneuvers known to be a component of this type of human reasoning process.

Measure summary updated October 3, 2018.